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Our Vision

To be a University of global excellence, meeting the dynamic needs and development of society.

Our Mission

To conserve, create and disseminate knowledge through, training, research, innovation and community outreach.

Our Programmes

Professional Certificates, Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Masters and PhD programmes

Main Campus

Karatina University Main Campus is Situated 15km North off Karatina town at Kagochi, Karatina, Nyeri County

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    What our Graduates Say

    • I received my Doctorate degree in Entrepreneurship at Karatina University in 2017. I thoroughly enjoyed learning Entrepreneurship Development in the university. Lecturers provided high quality teaching during my academic years. They were extremely knowledgeable and had a way of teaching that allows the information to seamlessly make sense. Supervision of Thesis was conducted professionally and the supervisors were always available and willing to talk or spend extra time on any confusing concept. There was good access to quality facilities. Transferable skills are taught well at School of Business to ensure graduates have better employability opportunities in the market place.
      Dr Beth Mbore, Trainer & Incubation Center Co-ordinator at KTTC, Kenya

      Dr Beth Mbore-Doctorate Degree(2017)
      Trainer & Incubation Center Co-ordinator at KTTC, Kenya
    • I acquired my undergraduate degree in Business Management from Karatina University in 2017. The academic staff at the faculty prepared us well enough for the workforce. The learning experience is memorable, distinguishing and long lasting. I am currently a practicing Accountant and Administrator in a leading IT Company.

      Lucy Wangui-Business Management(2017)
      Accountant and Administrator System Hub LTD
    • I had an amazing time at Karatina University particularly the serene environment, world class facilities and friendly faculty. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree In Purchasing and Supplies Management where I was able to develop crucial knowledge and skills that have been critical in my career development. The teachings and experiences gained during my study made me a competitive candidate in the job market and an even excellent employee.

    • I earned a Bachelor’s degree of Business Management(Procurement and Supplies chain management option) from Karatina University in 2018. Some intense interaction with knowledgeable and experienced lecturers in school of business helped me acquire knowledge and skills that has allowed me to be a realistic administrator and team player. The ambiance at the university is conducive for learning and socializing.

      I’m currently working as a depot administrator at Kinangop Dairy Limited.

    • I undertook my undergraduate studies at Karatina University graduating in 2019. Throughout my four-year stay at the university and inspired by the university motto “Inspiring Innovation and Leadership,” I held various leadership positions at Karatina University Actuarial Students Association (KARUASA) and the Actuarial Students’ Society of Kenya (ASSK) scooping several awards in the process. This gave me a glimpse of the dynamics of the industry, enabling me to coach fellow students adequately. I am currently an Actuarial Officer at Trident Insurance Company Limited, Nairobi

      GEOFFREY MUSYOKA Actuarial Science(2019)
      Actuarial Officer Trident Insurance Company Limited
    • “The Sky is the Limit”

      I undertook my undergraduate and Masters Degree in Business Management(Purchasing and Supplies Option)at Karatina University.

      I acquired not only the scholarly knowledge bust also mentorship from higher caliber Supervisors who instilled passion in me to venture in Research.

      Currently, I am a Senior Technical and Vocational Trainer and HOD Research and Development at The Nyadarua National Polytechnic under the Public Service commission

      Elijah MWANGI NGUNJIRI Masters Degree Business Management(Purchasing and Supplies Option)
      HOD Research and Development Nyandarua Polytechnic
    • I received my undergraduate degree from Karatina University in 2018. I am so proud to have studied in one of the best green University with very beautiful scenery and good learning environment in Kenya. I am currently practising my acquired skills and knowledge as an Accounts Assistant at Kenafric Industries Limited in Nairobi County, Kenya

      Elianer Mukir BBM(Finance & Banking)-2018
    • I joined Karatina University  the green university  6years ago for my undergraduate degree of Business Management -Accounting Option which I was conferred in 2018. The serene environment impacted my studies and memories created can never be erased forever. Fast forward, 2021, I am building my career as an Accountant at POTL (Palm Oil Transporters Limited) in Nairobi, Kenya.

      Brian Ogweno -Accountant, POTL

      Brian Ogweno-Business Management-Accounting(2018)
      Accountant Palm Oil Transporters Limited
    • I received my undergraduate degree from Karatina University five years ago. I still have fond memories of the mornings spent enjoying the beautiful view of Mt. Kenya which always gave me reassurance that my future was going to be bright. Fast forward to 2021, I am building my career as a tax professional here at PwC 

      KELVIN GITAU Bsc. Acturial Science (2015)
    • My undergraduate degree in BSc. Environmental Studies provided me with a toolbox of analytical and seasoned mentors to pursue a career in health research

      BSc. Environmental Studies (2015)
    • My undergraduate degree in BSc. Environmental Studies opened up great networking opportunities for me,being taught by experienced academics who have worked in the field.

      BSc. Environmental Studies (2016)
    • As a young student with no properly defined professional future, I joined Karatina University for an undergraduate program in Actuarial Science. First it was challenging to adapt due to chilly weather having hailed from a place with totally different climatic condition. Am proud to be associated with the institution and more so Karatina University Actuarial Students Association(KARUASA) which shaped me into a reasonable and knowledgeable professional. Currently I’m building my career in insurance and risk consultancy at ZAMARA Kenya. 

      Risk Consultant ZAMARA
    • At first I was dissapointed when JAB placed me to take Bachelor of Economics at Karatina University, this was because I never knew the commitment by the Lecturers and the cool environment at KarU which assures us of a bright future ahead, Nine years down the line I am a proud Alumni building my career as the senior Accountant in a big SACCO based in Nairobi.
      CPA/FA Fundi Nyaga

      Fundi Nyaga- Bachelor of Economics
      Senior Accountant SACCO-Nairobi
    • I had the privilege of graduating from Karatina University for undergraduate Degree two years ago. The seeds of where I am today have been planted  there and I am very grateful for that. With its structure, the students are in great hands and are on the right path for a promising future in whichever field they venture in. Currently working with Housemark Company ltd as the Office Administrator

      MAGDALINE PHILIP-Entrepreneurship(2018)
      Office Administrator-Housemark Company ltd
    • I studied at Karatina University from 2011-2015 where I completed my undergraduate degree in business management, Purchasing and Supplies Management.

      Despite the few challenges we encountered owing to the transition from University college to chartered University in the early days, the experience that followed is unparalleled.

      Among my favorite memories was the treatment I received from my lecturers in the School of Business especially on career mentorship.

      Also, the university location, cool ambient and landscape design best fits the definition of a conducive learning environment for a university student.


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