Criminology Students Association

Karatina University Criminology Students Association


CRIMSAKU is an association of Criminology students (Diploma, Undergraduate and Post-graduate). However, any other interested students of Karatina University are welcome in this association. Its purpose is to extend learning experience for students beyond classroom by broadening the students’ participation in the university and in the wider society.
To sensitize students on matters involving crime, responses to crime and engage the society in fight against crime and impart skills and knowledge to criminology students which are necessary for their future careers.

A crime free society.

The objectives of the association are as follows:

  1. To Promote and impact knowledge and skills to members for their future careers accompanied with a membership certificate award for added future advantage.
  2. To promote understanding of the study of criminology and criminal justice in the society.
  3. To create a link between the criminology students and the criminology department.
  4. To carry out drills on response to terror attacks or other disaster situations in corroboration with national bodies and according to the required standards.
  5. To chip in ideas in corroboration with the criminology department on ways to safeguard the campus and boost security within campus grounds.
  6. To get various opportunities for students to get hands on experience in various fields of interest during their free time or school holidays.
  7.  To promote criminology profession through seminars, lectures, workshops and other related activities
  8.  CRIMSA will participate in prevention of crime and delinquency in the society through sensitization of society members on crime and delinquency control measures.
  9. To foster relationship between the Association and other similar International, National and regional bodies and public individuals.

In the recent times, security has become a threat both locally and internationally. Thus, it is very important that students get an opportunity to understand this vital concept. There is need of having an association that allows students to understand safety issues and provide them with an opportunity of getting skills that will be relevant in their day to day life on matters pertaining to security.
This association will provide students with the opportunity to participate in club activities within and outside campus. It will enable students to interact with professionals who work in the police, intelligence, courts, corrections and military.


  1. Membership is open to any bona fide student of Karatina University.
  2. For one to be recognized as a member of CRIMSAKU one is required to pay a once off membership fee of KSH. 100 and a monthly subscription of KSH. 50.
  3. Membership to CRIMSAKU may be revoked if any member violates provisions of the association and the individual may be subjected to suspension or expulsion from the association.


  • The Executive Committee shall be meeting on a fortnight basis.
  • All CRIMSAKU members shall also meet on a monthly basis.
  • Special meetings will be called by the executive whenever need arises.

Annual General Meeting

  1. Shall be held in the third last week of each semester.
  2. All members shall be given at least fourteen days notice of AGM
  3. Voting members shall be entitled to attend and vote for the officials.
  4. The business of AGM shall be :
    • Receive a report from the chairperson on the clubs activities over the past year.
    • Receiving a report from the treasurer on finances of the club after which the report shall be subjected for auditing
    • Members of executive shall present their departmental reports.
    • Electing a new Executive Committee (after one academic year)
    • Ushering in the new elected Executive (after one academic year)
    • Considering any other matter as may be decided by the members.
  5. At least 50 + 1 % of members must be present for AGM to take place.

Special meetings

  • This can be called by the Executive Committee or as agreed by the club members (100 signatures) to discuss urgent matters.
  • The agenda of the meeting shall be notified by the Organizing Secretary

 General meetings

  1. All members shall be entitled to attend and take part in the proceedings of the meetings.
  2. The meeting shall be held on fortnight basis.

The day and time of the meetings shall be agreed upon by the members during the first meeting.


  1. Funds for the association shall be raised through :
    1. Membership fee
    2. Subscription fee (monthly)
    3. Donations
    4. Contribution from Patron and other well-wishers
    5. Sponsorship
    6. Selling of T-shirts/Caps/Calendars/Biros/Note Pads etc
    7. Club Activity Fee
  2. All monies received by or on behalf of the club shall be applied to further the aims of the club and of no other purpose that is not agreed upon by the members.
  3. The bank account open shall be in the name of the club and shall be maintained by the club through its officials.
  4. The club shall ensure that its accounts are audited or independently examined regularly and incase of any questions a committee shall be formed to examine the matter and a report is given to the club within fourteen days.
  5. Transparency and accountability must be maintained.