Directorate of Open, Distance and E-Learning

Karatina University believes that people are born to collaborate. That they prefer to learn and work together, pushing insights further and achieving breakthroughs faster – with everyone able to contribute to something greater. To achieve this, we strive to dissolve barriers to collaboration in lecture rooms and training rooms. Emphasis is directed to freeing people, to evolving thinking, simplifying sharing and exploring ideas. We spare no efforts in creating unbound spaces that intuitively connect our students and faculty across devices and locations.

Karatina University through the ODeL Directorate believes that by applying a blend of technology and embedding a regime of best practices in the process, can transform how education and learning transactions are conducted. Our e-learning model has adopted the flipped classroom blended approach. At the heart of Karatina University’s ODeL Directorate is Quality Content Development and utilization of technology in distribution and access. To this end, the Directorate has identified key software and hardware elements that play integral parts in development and distribution of desired content. We have put in place mechanism to enable Lecturers through the process of content creation and development. Delivering unrivalled user experience remains the directorate’s critical mission.

The university hosts a robust Learning management system with multi-site failover and redundancy setup ensuring that availability, reliability and data safety is guaranteed. Utilizing a blend of open-source and proprietary technologies we deliver agile and secure data centre experience.  Our LMS has a projected capacity of 1000 concurrent responsive connections on Mobile, PC and tablets. We have seamlessly integrated into the learning ecosystem YouTube Playlists to offset the bandwidth and storage needs. We have Application Packages Interfaces (APIs) developed for Zoom Collaborations with the LMS. We have also advanced our reach to include zoom large meetings integration for Live classroom engagements. Additionally, we have linked up the LMS with Google Meet to give a variety of choices to lecturers who are proponents of G-Suite for Education. The directorate is supported by qualified and passionate staff, approved ODeL policy and guidelines.