Directorate of Postgraduate Studies


Nurture excellence in conduction of relevant and innovative research  


Undertake problem solving research and disseminate findings that will enhance positive change and development of the community

Director Message

Karatina University is committed to assisting and training highly qualified personnel in various postgraduate post-graduate programmes

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The Directorate of Postgraduate Studies at Karatina University has the responsibility of:-

  • Ensuring that postgraduate programmes are initiated and maintained.
  • To ensure high scholarly standards, qualified students are attracted into various programmes.
  • Professional handling of students’ complaints as a neutral body
  • Ensure high level of research at postgraduate and postdoctoral level
  • Studies are completed in stipulated time,
  • maintain uniformity in presentation and binding of theses
  • Ensure that research findings are disseminated to relevant users in the society.

We envisions where students are given express service at one point ranging from admission, finance, examinations, collection of graduation gowns and academic certificates.

Postgraduate directorate allow students ample time to concentrate with their academic work and worry little about university processes.

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Eligibility and Duration of Study for Various Degree Programmes

Postgraduate Diploma


The following shall normally be eligible for admission to Postgraduate Diploma:

Holders of a Bachelor’s degree of Karatina University or any other accredited Institutions.

Holders of qualifications considered by the Senate to be equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.


The Postgraduate Diploma Programme (PGD) shall consist of a minimum of 27 units, and a maximum of 30 units of course work, examination and project distributed over two consecutive semesters as follows:

FIRST SEMESTER:            Coursework   15 Units maximum- 5 Courses

                                                   Project                        2 Units maximum

SECOND SEMESTER:        Coursework            6 Units minimum- 2 Courses

                                                     Project                        4 Units maximum

Students shall choose courses and topics for their projects in consultation with departmental graduate faculty. All students are required to participate in all the seminars arranged by their departments.

Masters Degree


The holders of the following qualification shall normally be eligible for admission to Academic Masters degrees:          

Relevant Academic Bachelor’s Degree;

  • First Class Honours; or
  • Upper Second Class Honours or Accumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00; or
  • Lower Second Class Honours or Accumulative Grade Point Average of 2.50 on a scale of 4.00 with additional relevant Training, evidence of research capacity either through research presentation or peer reviewed publications and Two (02) years working experience; or
  • Bachelor’s Degree and relevant Post Graduate Diploma.


The Master’s programme in all departments shall consist of coursework, examination and thesis or project, normally extending over a period of time as prescribed in the curriculum.

The Executive Master Degree programmes shall normally last for one Calendar year of three academic semesters.

The Academic Masters programme shall take a minimum of Two (02) and a Maximum of Four (04) Academic Years

The Academic Master’s programme in any department shall consist of a minimum of Fifty-One (51) units comprising of 11 taught courses (33 units), a proposal (6 units) and Thesis (12 units.



To qualify for admission into a PhD programme, a student shall have;

  • Relevant Academic Master’s Degree of Karatina University OR;
  • Any other qualifications considered by Karatina University Senate as equivalent to a relevant Academic Master’s degree.
  • In addition to the Academic Master’s degree, the student shall normally have a Bachelor’s degree.


A PhD programme in any department shall normally consist of course work, examination and thesis. 

The entire programme shall have Seventy-Two (72) units comprising of 8 taught courses (24 units), a proposal (18 units) and thesis (30 units); which shall constitute not less than two thirds (⅔) of the entire programme structure.

A PhD programme shall take a minimum of three (03) and a maximum of six (06) academic years.

A PhD student shall register for courses as prescribed in the curriculum.