Electoral College Member Nomination



All students interested to be elected as Electoral College Member to download nominations forms from the University website.

Submission of the forms to be done on Monday 23rd November, 2020 at 12:00 Noon to the Returning Officer through email studentelections2020@karu.ac.ke

The Electoral College Membership is drawn from the academic departments below: –

  1. Education Arts – E100; E109; E111
  2. Social Sciences – E105; E106; E107; E108
  3. Education Science – E101
  4. Human Resource Development – B102; B107
  5. Tourism and Hospitality Management – B101; B105
  6. Business and Economics – B100; B103; B104; B106
  7. Food& Science and Nutrition and Agricultural Sciences – A101; A104; A100; A102; A103
  8. Computer Science and Informatics – P100; P101; P108
  9. Mathematics – P102; P107
  10. Bio-Physical Sciences – P104; P105
  11. Bachelor of Science (BSc) – P106; P103
  12. Natural Resources Management & Environmental Studies– N100; N102; N104; N101
  13. Nursing – P109; P110

 Thank you.

Prof. J. Mwaruvie

Returning Officer