The Vice Chancellor addressing the 2023/2024 Academic Year First Year students

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Linus Muthuri Gitonga, has called upon First Year students who joined Karatina University for the 2023/2024 Academic Year to make good use of their time at the University citing that how they choose to utilize their time will shape the course of their lives. While speaking to them during the climax of their orientation programme on Friday, 15th September, 2023, the VC noted that four years of study is seed capital that their parents and guardians have invested in them. It was, therefore, imperative to use it wisely in order to have something tangible to show at the end of their studies. Further, he challenged them to seek for truth by challenging that which is generally accepted as normal. In doing this, they will expand the boundaries of truth and acquire what is needed to adapt to the changing the world.

In a world where integrity has become elusive, the fresh students were urged to avoid engaging in irregularities of any kind. Karatina University, the VC stated, is intentional in instilling morals and good character within its students. This is with the aim of building a confident graduate who will walk out of the University a proud person and who can stand out among others in the world. On the maxim of excellence in everything they do, the Vice Chancellor noted that it holds true everywhere. As such, the students were encouraged to build and enhance the person they have always envisaged to be. Other nuggets of wisdom that the VC shared with the new students emphasized on:

  • Networking and building long-lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial.
  • Engaging in a different trade apart from the course they have been enrolled to undertake. He encouraged them to be innovative and entrepreneurial by add something else over and above what they have been enrolled for.
  • Leverage on the great potential that comes with access to technology.
  • Growing to be a worker and entrepreneur capable of fitting anywhere in the world.
  • Excelling in what they have been enrolled to do.
  • Exercising freedom without responsibility is not only slavery but irresponsibility. Use freedom most responsibly. Choices have consequences. Leave the university in the same good health or many times better.
  • Growing talent while at the University. The University recognizes and acknowledges their great potential and capabilities. It believes in young people and their ideas. He urged them to share their ideas in order to receive support. This will, in turn, grow them and the University.
  • KarU has a conducive environment for learning. Although a little bit removed from a town setting, food and hostel are reasonably affordable. This is an advantage since they are studying in a location where education started from; ‘Mathira ma githomo’.
  • The University has an array of highly qualified academic staff. More than 99% are pursuing their PhDs.
  • The University will continue to provide students with facilities required in their courses.
  • Appreciate student leadership since they form an important arm in the running of the University. They are a bridge between students and the Management.
  • Embrace dialogue to rise above challenges. Talk to one another.
  • Reach out for solutions and resources on mental health matters.

The Vice Chancellor concluded his address to the First Year students by reading Proverbs 22: 29 ‘Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank’.