Day 3 of the Career Week, 2023 held on Thursday, 23rd March 2023 saw students from fifteen high schools challenged to discover their true north. This was a challenge posed by Mr. Johnson Gichinga, Senior Assistant Placement and Careers Development Officer from the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) who was representing the CEO, Dr. Agnes Mercy Wahome.

While giving her opening remarks, the Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peninah Aloo-Obudho stated that Karatina University has held Career Weeks for the last ten years.

“In these ten years since 2012, we have walked this journey with KUCCPS. The reason why we invite them is so that they can share on career development with high school students. We also bring the corporate world to speak to our students to share their experiences and give them tips on how to succeed. In doing this, we shape and produce quality graduates.”

Prof. Peninah Aloo-Obudho, DVC (ARSA)

She further stated that speaking to students gives them an opportunity to make the right career choices so that by the time they join the University, they know what courses to take and the requirements.

 “Career choices affect national development. What you choose now as a high school student will determine what you want to be. I advise you to choose Karatina University for your career growth because the graduates from this University are highly qualified and sought-after judging from the feedback we receive.”

She noted that Karatina University students excel because of the kind of training given to them and that they are preferred because they are professionals.  The two institutions agreed to work together on modalities of expanding the Career Week to other high schools in Kenya so that as many students as possible can be reached.

In her remarks read by Mr. Johnson Gichinga, Dr. Agnes Wahome told the students that the responsibility of teachers is to inspire and push them to learn while that of their parents is to make sure that they stay on track and get their homework done. She stated that at the end of the day, however, despite having the most supportive teachers and the best schools in the world, none of it will matter unless they all fulfilled their responsibilities.

“Each of you has to be responsible for your education. Every single one of you has something that you are good at. Every one of you has something to offer. You have a responsibility to yourself to discover what that is. That is the opportunity education can provide.”

Mr. Johnson Gichinga representing the CEO, KUCCPS

Dr. Wahome advised the students to show up in school, pay attention to the teachers, listen to their parents and other adults and put in the hard work it takes to succeed.  She said that no matter what the students wanted to do in life, they would need an education to accomplish it.

“What you learn in school today will also determine whether we, as a nation, can meet our greatest challenges in the future. This is in line with the Theme ‘Reshaping the Way we meet the Future’. You will need knowledge and problem solving skills to learn science and mathematics in order to cure diseases like cancer and aids and to develop new energy technologies and protect our environment. You will need the insights and critical thinking skills you gain in history and social studies to fight poverty and homelessness. You will need to develop your talents, skills and intellect to help solve the nation’s most difficult problems. If you quit school, you are not just quitting on yourself but the country as well. Know what you want to discover in life and go after it. Be authentic by discovering your true north.” She concluded.

Mr. Gichinga elaborated the mandate of KUCCPS which include coordinating the placement of government sponsored students to universities and colleges, dissemination of information on available programmes in universities and colleges, collecting and retaining data relating to universities and colleges student placement, advising the government on matters relating to university and college student placement and developing career guidance programmes for the benefit of high school students.

Schools present during the event were Gitunduti Secondary School, Mathaithi Girls High School, Kibirigwi Girls Secondary School, Githunguri Girls High School, Bishop Ngoru High School, Pan African High School Ngurweini Secondary School, Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School, Githumu Boys High School, St. Albert the Great Giakaibei, Kaheti Boys High School, Kerugoya Boys High School, Gititu Secondary School, Icuga Girls and Kabiruini Girls Secondary School.