Hostels Department

Karatina University offers students the convenience of living on campus. The Hostels Department offers a variety of amenities that support students in their academic endeavors. Our halls of residence are well designed for occupants’ comfort with reading tables, wardrobes, sufficient lighting, Wi-Fi connectivity, common rooms (for entertainment & indoor sports activities), spacious corridors, and stair cases.

Room Allocation: First year campus life can be challenging and rewarding. To help first year students’ transition, there are additional policies and procedures set in place. Allocation of rooms are given priority to 1st year students, those with special needs and the rest on first come first serve basis.

Rooms are allocated to students who have fully registered and paid full accommodation fee. When accommodated, residents shall remain in the assigned rooms for one academic year.  Accommodation fee shall be paid for per semester at prescribed rates. No refund will be made after payment.

Furniture and Fittings: Students will be expected to take care of the basic facilities provided in the rooms, namely: Beds, mattresses, reading tables, lighting fixtures, waste paper basket, wardrobes and curtains.

Meals: Students hall of residence are not equipped with cooking facilities. Residents are not allowed to use their rooms for any form of cooking, or keep gadgets and items that imply cooking. Meals are provided within campus by the catering department at a subsidized rates.

Staffing: The hostels are managed by skilled staff with years of experience and training who essentially take care of the student’s welfare and security in their halls of residence. This includes the hostels officer, housekeepers, janitors and hostels attendants. The department operates on a 24-hour basis. Housekeepers work during the day with Janitors taking over duties at night. Cleaning of our hostels are done by the hostels attendants. We also undertake any maintenance issues within the rooms of residence in liaison with the estates department.