Karatina University Admission Documents

FROM: Registrar (AA)


To:  First Year Students


Congratulations for being placed at Karatina University!

To access the Admission Letter, check on the link below:




Joining instructions and forms to be filled are attached in this communication.


Note that following your placement by KUCCPS at Karatina University, you are eligible to apply for a Government Scholarship, Loan, and Bursary to assist you with your educational expenses. If you require Government Financial Support, you MUST make an application for consideration through the official scholarship and loan portal: https://portal.hef.co.ke

Should the Government Scholarship, Loan, and Bursary not be sufficient to cover the entire cost of your programme, the remaining fee balance will be the responsibility of your Parent/Guardian. Payment details to the University are provided in the admission letter. Accommodation at the University is not guaranteed and normally issued on first come basis after full payment of fees. Therefore, make necessary arrangements to secure accommodation at the University or outside before the reporting date.

It is mandatory to report with a laptop as a learning requirement. Regular updates will be posted to the University website and via your University email. To access your university email, please follow the link provided on this page to retrieve your email; https://emaiI.karu.ac.ke

For any clarification do not hesitate to get in touch with us via Tel: 0729721200; 0716135171; 0723683150 or email: admissions@karu.ac.ke. We will be availing regular updates on admission information on the University website: www.karu.ac.ke and through your email. The official communication lines are as directed in our official channels of communication.



Thank you.


Dr. Wangari Gathuthi

Registrar (Academic Affairs)

Click the link below to download Admission Letter.

Click the link below to download the Library User Form.

Click the links below to download the Admission Forms and view the 2024/2025 First Years Joining Instructions

Click the links below to download your student forms.

Click the link below to download either the Non-Resident Form or the Resident Form(University Hostels).

Commonly Asked Questions for Registration

1. Where is Karatina University Located?

ANSWER: Karatina University Main Campus is located in Kagochi, Karatina, Mathira East Sub County, Nyeri County. From Nairobi, the best PSV Matatu to use is 2NK boarded at the Tea Room Matatu Terminus at the Kenneth Matiba Road (formerly Accra Road).

2. How can I get my Registration Number (Admission Number)?

ANSWER: The Registration Number is well indicated on your Admission Letter. It is structured as A123/4567G/23.

3. When is the deadline for applying for funding from the Higher Education Funds (HEF)?

ANSWER:HEF applications deadline will be indicated in the HEF website. All First Year 2024/2025 AY Students MUST apply for funding via the Higher Education Financing (HEF) Portal, https://portal.hef.co.ke/.

4. Am I eligible for HELB loans?

ANSWER: Yes, all students are encouraged to apply for HELB funds via  www.helb.go.ke

5. Is it a must I reside inside the University hostels?

ANSWER: It is NOT mandatory apart from Nursing Students to reside inside the University Hostels. For those who wish to stay outside, you will be required to fill out the Non-Resident Form (AA/F017).

6. What do you provide in hostels accommodation?

ANSWER: Karatina University provides a bed and a mattress. You will only come with beddings and personal emoluments.

7. Can I book a hostel room?

ANSWER: No, Karatina University does not allow booking of hostel. The rooms available will be allocated on a first come first assign basis.

However, the University will ensure that all students get accommodated with Hostels affiliated to Karatina University.

8. Can I cook inside the hostel?

ANSWER: No. Cooking is prohibited in Karatina University hostels. Students are encouraged to take meals from the University Cafeteria which is open for the entire Semester and the food is at very affordable prices.

9. Do you pay accommodation fees in the same account with the fees account?

ANSWER: Yes. You can pay the accommodation fees of KShs 6,500 together with the fees in the same account of either Equity Bank or Cooperative Bank as indicated in the Fee Structure or via e-Citizen..

10. Can I pay half the fees for 1st Semester and get admitted?

ANSWER: No. Karatina University encourages all Students to pay fees in full. You will NOT get admitted if you will not have 100% of fees and 100% accommodation.

11. Must I come with the laptop during registration or I can acquire it after reporting?

ANSWER: For proper learning on the blended mode of study (online and physical), students are encouraged to have a laptop for ease of access of online teaching and materials.

12. What if I don’t have a NHIF Card, can I use my guardian’s?

ANSWER: Yes. NHIF cards are given to applicants above 18 years. For reporting purposes, students below the age of 18 years can use the NHIF card for parent/guardian and will be required to avail a copy of the same on the reporting date.

For those above 18 years, kindly apply for an NHIF card at your nearest NHIF office before the reporting date and avail the NHIF acknowledgement slip (stamped and signed) on your reporting date.

13. How can I contact Admissions Office?

ANSWER: Please call the number +254 716 135 171 or +254 729 721 200. You can send an email to admissions@karu.ac.ke

14. How do I pay fees to Karatina University?

ANSWER: Requisite Fees is payable via e-Citizen or to any branch of Cooperative or Equity Bank with details as follows:

1. Cooperative Bank

Account Name: Karatina University; Karatina Branch; Account Number: 01129059776700

2. Equity Bank

Account Name: Karatina University; Karatina Branch; Account Number: 0040298291603


Payment is also done on the Student Portal via E-Citizen