Certificate Collections

This is to inform all graduates who have not collected their certificates that the issuance of certificates has resumed at the University. The Graduates are therefore advised as follows;

  1. Certificates will be collected during working hours.
  2. That you will be expected to abide by the Ministry of Health guidelines such as wearing of masks, maintaining social distance, washing hands and sanitizing at all times.
  3.  Washing points and soap have been provided at strategic places.
  4. That student must have original National Identity Card, Clearance Form, Gown Return Form and Certificate Collection Form, duly filled.
  5. Those who graduated in 2019 have up to November 2020 to collect the certificates after which storage charges apply.
  6. Those who graduated before 2019 will only have a waiver of six (6) months during which issue of certificate was suspended (April — September 2020).

Please be advised accordingly and stay safe.