New Courses Registration Timelines

FROM:    Registrar,  ARSA                                                                                                       DATE:   28th  May,  2021


Reference  is made  to a memo  KarU/Rg.ARSA/lNol.6     dated  17th May,  2021 on extension  of deadline  for registration of courses  for  Second  Semester  2020/2021   Academic  Year.    This  is therefore  to notify  all student  that  a window  has been   provided    for   online   course   registration    beginning    Monday   3fS1     May,   2021   to   Friday    4t1t    June,    2021. Consequently,   students  are advised  to take advantage  of the new registration   dates.   Further,  advised  as follows:

  1. To   confirm   REGISTRATION    FOR    THE    CURRENT     YEAR    AND   SEMESTER   of   study   (Second Semester  2020/2021  Academic  Year).
  2.  To  confirm   UPTO   DATE   FEES   PAYMENT     status  by  downloading   fees  statement   reflecting   a  student current  year  of study.
  3. To  ensure   registration    through   student   portal   of  ALL   COURSES     undertaken    in  the   Second   Semester2020/2021   Academic  Year  and  also  ensure  listing  on Examination   Attendance   Form  as well  as avoid  missing marks  upon release  of examination  results.
  4. To ensure  evaluation  of all courses  registered,  failure to which  examination   Cards  will not be downloadable.
  5. To print  examination   card  that provides  evidence  of having  taken  an examination,   following  it authentication by invigilators  

All students  are also reminded  that:

  1. Failure  to register  within  the given new timelines,  one is expected  to defer studies.

  2. The  government   funding  cycle  lapses  after  the  expected  consecutive   four  (4) years  of study.    Therefore,   it is important  that a student  completes  studies  within the four-year  cycle.

  3. The  end  of Second  Semester  2020/2021   Academic  Year  Examinations  start   on  14th June  2021  and  end  on 30th June  2021.

  4. The Examination   Timetable   is available  on the  University   Website

  5. Adequate  preparation   for examination  is important  for smooth  transition  and eventual  successful  graduation.