Calvin Ong’era

Marketing Officer at Kenya Revenue Authority

Calvin Ong’era

  My name is Calvin Ong’era a proud alumnus of Karatina University. I joined Karatina University in 2013 as an Undergraduate student for Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences in the School of Pure and Applied Sciences. With the university’s serene environment coupled with its location right beneath the shores of Mount Kenya and away from the buss of the town, it provided a wonderful environment to study and an experience that I will forever cherish.

After a four years’ experience on learning, networking and building a foundation in Knowledge and Information management in the digital world, I graduated in 2017 with Bachelor of Science in Information Science (First Class Honours).  Shortly after graduation I Joined Kenya Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat (VDS) as an intern where would say I first gained a true appreciation of the bridge of knowledge and information gap can bring to the society. The interdisciplinary nature of Karatina University’s Information Science course helped to work in various departments including ICT, Registry and Communication and strategy while at VDS. This formed a stepping stone to my current role as a Marketing Officer at Kenya Revenue Authority. Am currently a Team Lead in charge of community outreach through radio and other platforms to bridge the tax knowledge gap of Wajir County Residents.

My advice to the current and prospective students of Information Science students at Karatina University is to always keep an open mind and challenge yourself. Even if you are certain what path your career will take, a diverse classroom experience at Karatina University’s Information Science department will better prepare you for the twists, turns and responsibilities that you may not see coming. The more diverse your educational background and experience, the more likely you are to succeed.

I wish to thank my Lecturers, the information science fraternity and my department head then Dr. Joan Wakasa for the immense support during my academic journey. God bless Information Science Department and the entire Karatina university Family.