Prof. Patrick W. Mathenge

Prof. Patrick W. Mathenge is Professor of Agriculture in the School of Agriculture and Biotechnology at Karatina University, Kenya. He holds a PhD in Crop/plant Physiology from London University and MSc in Crop Physiology, Reading University and a BSc in Agriculture, University of Nairobi. He has a wealth of experience in Agronomy, Crop Physiology and Seed Science and Technology. He also has a postgraduate certificate in crops for dry land agriculture from Ben Gurion University, Israel. Currently he is the Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies at Karatina University. Previously, he served as a founder Dean of the School of Agriculture and Biotechnology at Karatina University. He has also chaired the departments of Crop Science and Horticulture at Moi University. He has  held other key positions in his career life at the University.

He has also coordinated several donors funded community-oriented projects in On Farm Seed Production. He has also trained and guided in many postgraduate research projects culminating in productive findings and award of postgraduate degrees. He has consulted in areas of Seed Science and technology and Environmental Crop Physiology. He has also spearheaded training programme in tea Science and Technology at Karatina University. He is currently involved in studies involving Climate Change, crop production and food security.

He is a member of African Crop Science Society, Soil Science Society of East Africa, Kenyan Horticultural Society, Kenyan dry land agriculture consortium and Kenyan plant genetic Resources Consortium

Prof. Patrick W. Mathenge

Professor of Agriculture in the School of Agriculture and Biotechnology

He is a reviewer for several journals including AJFAND, Discovery and Innovation several Crop Science related publications.  

Awards during his career include:  FAO/UNDP Scholarship for MSc degree, ODA/ British council masters scholarship, Government of Israel- Postgraduate Scholarship, The Royal Dutch Government Project and research funds and Rockefeller Foundation Project and research funds. A few publications are listed below;

  • Wambugu,P.W., Mathenge,P.W., Auma, E.O., Van Rheneen, H.A. 2012. “Constraints of On-Farm (Zea mays L.) Seed Production in Western Kenya: Plant Growth and Yeild,” ISRN Agronomy, vol. 2012, Article ID 153412
  • Lilian L.A., Mathenge,P.W. and Muasya, R., 2012. An assessment of Physiological Quality of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L Moench) seeds planted by farmers in Bomet district of Kenya. African Journal of food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND) Volume 12 NO. 5(pg 6385-6396).
  • A. Ochieng, P.W. Mathenge and R. Muasya, 2013. Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moech. Seed quality as affected by variety, Harvesting stage and fertilizer application in Bomet County of Kenya. AJFAND vol. 13(4): 7905-7926
  • Kamotho, G.N., Mathenge, P.W., Muasya, R.M., 2013. Effects of Packaging and Storage on Seed quality of Spider Plant (Cleome gynandra [L.]) AJFAND vol 13 pg 8363-8387
  • Mwangi, P.M., Mathenge, P.W., 2014. Comparison of Tithonia (Tithonia diversifoliia) green manure and inorganic sources of Nitrogen in growth of kales (Brassica oleraceae) in nyeri county, Kenya, AJFAND pg 8791-8803
  • Kamotho,G.N., Mathenge, P.W., Muasya, R.M., 2014. Effects of maturity stage, Desiccation and storage period on seed quality of cleome (Cleome gynadra L.). Research Desk journal (3)1vol 13 pg 419-433


  1. Wambugu, P.W., Mathenge, P.W. 2012. Farmers Seed Production of Maize in Western Kenya. ISBN- 978-3-8473-1265-9. Lambert Academic Publishing


  1. African Journal of Crop Science
  2. African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development
  3. Journal of Discovery and Innovation


  1. Seed Science Laboratories Project, Moi University, at Chepkoilel Campus, Funded     by the Royal dutch Government (NUFFIC), as the Project Coordinator. 
  2. Rockefeller Research Grant of $70,000 in 2000- On-farm seed production, as PI
  3. CIAT (Eastern Africa Bean Research Network), 2001, 2002- $6,000
  4. Overseas Development Agency (Britain) for PhD research studies, 1987-1990
  5. Food and Agricultural Organization of UN for Masters degree research in



  1. FAO MSc. Studies Fellowship at Reading University, UK from 1981-1982
  2. ODA PhD fellowship at London University, Wye College, from 198 to 1990.
  3. Israel Government Two months Fellowship to study Dry land Crops.


  1. Member of the African Crop Science Society.
  2. Member of East African Crop Science Society