Karatina University, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, organized a 3day productivity training for the academic and non-academic heads of sections and departments as well as the productivity mainstreaming committee consisting of the administrative assistants. The training that took place from 12th to 14th February was officially opened by the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor, P, F & A Prof. Richard Kiai on behalf of the Vice Chancellor. The aim of the training was to validate the productivity data that had been collected and submitted earlier so as to measure the productivity level as a university.

In attendance also was the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor AR&SA, Prof. Hellen Kamiri, who urged the members to actively participate and contribute in the exercise so that they could be keen on their areas of improvement.

In his opening remarks, Prof. Kiai urged the members present to be supportive where needed in the exercise. He also urged them to take note of the corrections and submit their evidences in the data verification exercise.

The Ag. DVC P, F&A Prof Richard Kiai left and the Ag. DVC ARSA Prof. Hellen Kamiri keenly following the training sessions alongside the members of staff.

Mr. Miano Kariuki, the Director, Productivity at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, took the members through the exercise. He guided them on the various metrics that were used in rating the productivity level of Karatina University. He stated that they focused on three aspects of productivity to determine and rank the University. These are labour efficiency, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. After the rigorous data validation exercise, it was noted that the University’s current performance was average, having scored 1.5 in the productivity performance.

Mr. Miano Kariuki the Director Productivity at the Ministry of Labour & Social Protection addressing the members during the workshop.

The acting Registrar P&A Mr. Murage appreciated the efforts that the members of staff put in place in the validation exercise. He urged them to do much more and improve in the areas that they scored less.

Speaking at the end of the training Prof. Kamiri stated that it was a great honor to be trained and guided on the areas of improvement. She further stated that after the scores there was need for each member of staff to work on strategies to achieve the pending measures. She encouraged the heads of sections and departments to do what is expected of them in their various areas.

On the other hand Prof. Kiai, while officially closing the workshop, urged the members present to ensure that they were productive in their areas. He commended them for their team work during the 3 day exercise. He further stated that they should always review their processes and audit themselves. He encouraged everyone to be accountable in their processes and productivity. Lastly, he urged everyone to come up with productivity strategies and an improvement plan in order to have efficiency and effectiveness.

Members of staff pose for a group photo with the University management at the Resource Centre after the training.