Today, Karatina University held a Thanksgiving Prayer and Dedication Service in gratitude of the appointment of Prof. Linus Muthuri Gitonga as the 2nd Vice Chancellor of the institution. The Service was presided over by Bishop Dr. William Githinji of the Victors Chapel, Karatina.

Bishop William Githinji delivering the sermon 

In his sermon ‘The Language of Growth’, Bishop Githinji underscored the absolute need to thank God in all circumstances while noting that ‘in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose,’ (Romans 8:28).

“Giving thanks to God is important because He does so much for us. We need to thank Him for His big and small doings,” he added.

In reference to the scripture of the day, Genesis 11: 1-8, Bishop Githinji emphasized that the language of growth develops through a change of the mindset. This is because human beings see and perceive the world with their minds but through their eyes. Whereas changing the mindset is paramount, adopting the language of unity, the language of hope and the language of gratitude also fosters the language of growth.

“Let us develop a language of thanksgiving and gratitude by learning how to count our blessings,” he concluded.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Linus Gitonga, giving his remarks.

On his part, the Vice Chancellor narrated how, at the beginning of the year, while driving, he happened to listen to the song ‘Mambo Yabadilika’ by Hellena Ken. The song depicts a return or restoration of things that one lacks or had been taken away from them. It is out of listening to the lyrics of the song that he declared the year 2023 to be ‘A Year of Restoration’. This, he shared with family and friends.

“This thanksgiving service in celebration of my appointment as the Vice Chancellor is a culmination of the declaration I made at the beginning of the year,” he stated.

He acknowledged that it had taken the hand of God to get him to where he is at the moment and that it would still take His hand to guide him throughout his leadership at the University. As it has been his custom since taking over, he implored the staff present to lay aside what is behind and move forward together for the greater good of the University. Additionally, he called for the treatment of each staff with utmost dignity and respect.

“Let us move forward together no matter where you are deployed. I urge you to excel wherever you are. In the growth of this University, I only play a facilitative role. I want to help you grow because when you grow, the institution also grows. My wish is to see vibrant members of staff who are proud of their work,” he encouraged them.

Further, he called upon the staff to walk together with him most especially by praying for him. He beseeched them to heal from any scars of the past citing that the prayers had come at the most opportune time for the entire University fraternity.

The Vice Chancellor, once again, reiterated his desire to build an institution that has properly laid out structures and systems which will help the University perform at its optimum level.  

The Vice Chancellor (left) receiving a Bible from the Bishop

Bishop Githinji presented a Bible – the sword of the Spirit- to the Vice Chancellor as he dedicated him and the entire University to God.