Change of Programme Results 2021-2022 Academic Year


During Special Committee of Deans meeting held on 28th   September 2021, requests for change  of programmes  by  students  were  considered.  The  decision  for  each  student  is available at their respective Schools. Students are advised as follows;

  1. Those who QUALIFIED are required to:

   Pick their Change of Programme letters  at  the  Admissions  Office Strictly adhering to the Schedule

School of Education and Social Sciences; School of Natural Resources and Environmental studies  and  School of Nursing  from  (Tuesday,28th September 2021 from  2:00pm to 4:30pm);

School   of  Agriculture   &   Biotechnology   and   School   of   Business(Wednesday,  29th September 2021      from   8:oo   am  to  12:45 pm);

School of Pure and Applied Sciences (Wednesday, 29th September 2021  from  2:00pm to 4:30pm.)

Fill  acceptance  forms  and  register  for  course  units  with  guidance  of Administrative Assistants   of  respective  schools  after  picking  their Change of Programme letters.

Immediately commence studies in the programmes they have been approved to join.

2. Those who DID NOT QUALIFY to continue with their studies in their programmes they had been admitted       to