Directorate of Resource Mobilization

Directorate of Resource Mobilization

The directorate of resource mobilisation was established in order manage and mobilise internally generated funds. This is intended to complement funds received by the University from the Exchequer to cater development and recurrent expenditure from the Government of Kenya. The directorate is a strategic response by University management to the diminishing financial support from the government to the public universities which has caused tremendous in sustaining and facilitating activities and programme.

The directorate provides consultancy, advisory and training services to organisations and individuals who have various capacity needs and requirements.  We have a solid backing of university management and skilled and competent staff of the university who are well motivated to participate in these activities.

Consultancy and advisory services

The directorate and the university have registered Karatina University Business Unit (KUBUNI) as the consultancy and training arm of the university.  Kubuni is a mission-driven multi-sectoral solution provider.  We provide management and development advisory services in the areas of policy, national development and community development, governance, sustainability and capacity development.  Within a short time of existence, we have provided our clients with cutting edge consultancy services in the area of strategic planning and ICT.

Our client’s portfolio has grown to include:  The State Department of Information, Technical University of Mombasa, Kenya Tourism Board; County Government of Samburu, and Mathira Water and Sewage Company Mukurweini Dairy Co-operative Society, The Tea Directorate of Agriculture and Food Authority. 

We consult in the areas of:

·         Strategic planning

·         Plant pathology

·         Business incubation and start up mentorship

·         Business analytics

·         ICT services-ERP, LMS and other systems deployment

·         Food security, safety and nutrition

·         Library information systems management

·         Institutional surveys

·         Environmental impact assessment

·         Human resource development

·         Natural resource management

·         Project management

·         Communication and public relations management

·         Health management

·         Tourism resource development

·         Climate change-carbon sequencing and trading

·         Institutional policy development

·         Safety and security

·         Organisation development

·         Language translation and interpretations

·         Meetings, events and conferences management

·         Education management

·         Community mobilisation

·         Civic education

·         Social entrepreneurship

·         Corporate governance and board management

·         Enterprise risk management

·         Gender and minority groups mainstreaming


Corporate training and capacity development

In the area of corporate training, we offer a wide range of cutting edge, impact-based capacity development session to clients tailored to their needs. We have built capacity of correction officers in Kenya in the area of mediation. We have also trained managers and leaders in various sectors of our economy. In the wake of Covid-19, we are now able to provide the training online with a greater versatility. We are also working to expand our training to non- traditional yet essential areas in today’s organisation such as business analytics, green economy and sustainability, occupational health and safety among others.

We offer short courses in:

·         Mediation and conflict resolution

·         Occupational health and safety

·         Management and learnership 

·         Project management

·         Communication and etiquette

·         Hospitality management

·         Data science and analytics

·         Monitoring and evaluation

·         Knowledge management

·         Stakeholder engagement

·         Data management and analysis

·         Computer applications

·         Information security

·         Corporate Entrepreneurship

·         Food safety

·         Digital marketing

·         Safety and security

·         Aquaculture

·         Customer relations management

·         Nutrition and Dietetics

·         Public relations

·         Business planning

·         Good agricultural practices

·         Finance for non-finance managers

·         Performance management

·         Quality assurance and process re-engineering


If you wish to partner with us for your consultancy and training needs please contact the Directorate


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