Karatina University held an Internal Cultural Day on 19th April 2024. The event was held at the Staff Cafeteria. The event was a celebration of multiculturalism uniting the Karatina University Staff through cultural performances, delicious food and various cultural attires. The event was led and coordinated by the Registrar P&A Mr. Daniel Murage on behalf of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Linus M. Gitonga.

The ceremony kicked off with special prayers in the native Kenyan Languages represented in the institution. Mr. Ephantus Wachira prayed in Kikuyu language while facing Mt. Kenya as per the tradition of Kikuyu community, Ms. Sarah Chemeli on the other hand prayed in Kalenjin dialect while Esther Leluai and Sarah Nkatha prayed in Samburu and Meru dialects respectively.

 Ephantus Wachira showcasing the Kikuyu tradition

Karatina University’s commitment to fostering cultural diversity within our institution was front and center, creating an inclusive and harmonious atmosphere that values the rich tapestry of cultures represented among our staff. This was achieved through the members of staff in each session of the activities.  

There were also presentations of items of literature from different communities. From traditional dances to the delicious meals shared.

Traditional dancing to showcase the various cultures in the university

The heart and soul of Cultural Day were the mesmerising cultural performances that took us on a journey through the traditions of the various communities represented. The presentations varied from traditional dances, songs and foods. Some of the foods served at the ceremony included; Mursik (served from Sotet), Uji (served in calabash), Marigu(bananas), Ngwaci(sweet potatoes), Nduma(arrow roots), Mitungo(boiled maize) and African tea.

A variety of the foods enjoyed at the event. The food was served in banana leaves as per the Gikuyu tradition.

These performances brought to life the essence of our multicultural society, highlighting the beauty and diversity that make Karatina University truly unique.

Members of staff pose for a group photo to mark the Internal Cultural Day