On 28th November, 2023 Karatina University embarked on a tree planting exercise in a bid to achieve the National set targets. The exercise was organized by the Green University Committee in collaboration with Nature Club following a directive from the Vice Chancellor. The exercise was presided over by the acting Deputy Vice Chancellor, Planning, Finance & Administration, Prof. Richard Kiai on behalf of the Vice Chancellor. He was accompanied by The Green University Committee Chairman Prof. Mugo Mware, Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Charles Ngugi, Dean of Students Mr. Peter Ngugi among others.

In his speech, Prof. Kiai articulated the importance of environmental conservation. He thus said, “Change is everyone’s responsibility, and the effort we put is important as it cumulatively leads to a greater impact.”

Prof. Mugo Mware expressed the Green University Committee’s commitment to tracking the growth and development of tree over time in the University. 

The Tree planting exercise took place at the University’s Botanical Garden within the main campus and over 1,500 tree seedlings were planted. The primary objective of the initiative is to align the University’s environmental efforts with the National agenda of planting 15 billion trees by the year 2032. The initiative aims to enhance the green cover within the University campus, mitigate the impact of climate change, and promote a culture of environmental stewardship among students, faculty, and other staff.

Another team of 30 students led by Dr. Mwangi Kinyanjui, a lecturer at the School of Natural Resources took part in a similar exercise at Sagana area as part of the University initiative. They managed to plant over 1,000 tree seedlings.

Tree planting is an ongoing exercise and the University is committed to planting and nurturing more trees on a regular basis. The Vice Chancellor appreciates the members of staff and students who took part in the event and made the day a success.