Conduct During First Semester 2021-22 AY Examinations


The first semester 2021/22 academic year examinations will begin on Monday 10TH January 2022 to Friday 21ST January 2022. The examinations will be administered in the Main Campus as indicated in the Examinations Timetable.

The common Rules and Regulations for University Examinations section 2.0 stipulates how candidates ought to conduct themselves during Examinations. This. includes but not limited to;

‘Candidates Must not be found in possession of unauthorized materials.’

In view of the above, all candidates have a responsibility of ensuring the desks they use during examinations are devoid of any writings.  Of importance to note, those students who will be found using desks or sitting next to wall(s) with writings, will be construed to be in possession of unauthorized materials, which amounts to an Examinations irregularity. Further, you are reminded that no student will be allowed to sit examination without an examination card

Kindly be guided accordingly

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