The Vice Chancellor Meets Staff Members of the School of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (SNRES)

On January 8th, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Linus M. Gitonga held a meeting with the members of staff of the School of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies at the Senior Common Room. Also, in attendance were the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor, P, F&A Prof. Richard Kiai, Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor AR&SA, Prof. Hellen Kamiri, Ag. Registrar, P&A Mr. Daniel Murage, Dr. Flora Namu the Dean of School of Natural Resources, Prof. Mugo Mware, Director, Quality Assurance and ISO standards among others. The aim of the meeting was to enable the staff members interact with the University’s top management and discuss issues concerning the School and chat the way forward.

School of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Staff during the meeting

Speaking during the meeting the DVC P, F & A, Prof. Kiai appreciated the members for attending the meeting. He encouraged them to reflect on the many opportunities that are available to them. He also urged them to reorganize themselves, focus and be vibrant. Lastly, he encouraged them to collaborate and partner with others in finding ways of reinventing themselves.  

On the other hand, the Ag. DVC, AR&SA Prof. Kamiri, encouraged the staff to set pace and think of what they want to achieve and work together with the top management towards achieving their personal growth and that of the School and accomplishing set goals.

In his remarks the Vice Chancellor appreciated the members of staff for their presence at the first meeting of the year. He encouraged them to play their part and ensure that they performed effectively despite the challenges that they may be facing. The VC observed that there was need for the School to strategize on how to improve performance in service delivery and increase student enrollment. He encouraged them to conduct themselves with discipline, order and dignity. In addition, they should engage and mobilize the local community and take part in community outreach activities.

The VC also emphasized on the need to mobilize the resources available within the University and make the systems more efficient.  He further challenged the staff members to take up more administrative duties in their areas of specialization in order to help the University grow.

On behalf of the other members, the Dean of SNRES Dr. Flora Namu appreciated the opportunity accorded them by the University management and promised to reciprocate by taking up the ideas shared with them so as to reinvigorate themselves as a School.

SNRES staff with the University’s top management from left, Director, Quality Assurance & ISO Standards, Prof. Mugo Mware, Ag. DCV PF&A, Prof. Richard Kiai, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Linus Gitonga, Ag. DVC AR&SA Prof. Hellen Kamiri, Dean, SNRES Dr. Flora Namu and Ag. Registrar P&A Mr. Daniel Murage.