Members of the University Senate,

Members of the Management Board,


Leaders of the Students Governing Council,

Our First Year students,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning!

Today, we formally welcome our 2022/2023 Academic Year First Year students to Karatina University (KarU). I congratulate you on your exemplary performance which has earned you a place at this unique University. The KarU community has grown bigger and richer with your presence. We assure you that you have joined an institution committed to quality teaching, learning, research, innovation and community outreach. The University is, therefore, ready to walk with you on this critical segment of your academic journey. The preceding chapters of your life may have been marked by the presence of your parents, guardians and teachers. However, in this phase, you have, to a greater extent, the sole responsibility of determining the trajectory of your life. I, therefore, urge you to spend your time well right from the day of your admission to the end of your studies.

Our Belief

Dear students, now that you are part of Karatina University, it is appropriate that you are aware of the tenets under which we work and which guide our day-to-day operations. Our Vision is ‘To be a University of global excellence, meeting the dynamic needs and development of society’ while our Mission is ‘To conserve, create and disseminate knowledge through training, research, innovation and community outreach. In seeking to actualize our Vision and Mission, we also uphold the following core values; Equity, Teamwork, Meritocracy, Academic Freedom, Accountability, Excellence and Probity. We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with these tenets and uphold them as you study at this University. 

Governance and Management Structure

It is also important that you are aware of the University governance and management structure and how they affect your academic life. The University is run by a Council as the supreme organ with the day-to-day activities being run by the University Senate and the University Management Board. I hereby to emphasize the part of the University Senate which is the body that exercises full responsibility for the academic work of the University. This is where your academic matters shall be deliberated upon and decisions made. The Vice Chancellor is the administrative and academic head of the University and is supported by Deputy Vice Chancellors. At KarU, we have two Deputy Vice Chancellors. One is in charge of Academics, Research and Student Affairs while the other is in charge of Planning, Finance and Administration. These two Deputy Vice Chancellors work closely with Registrars in charge of Academic Affairs and of Planning and Administration. In addition, we have Deans of Schools, Directors, Heads of Departments, and Coordinators among others.

Your Welfare

Your attention is drawn to one key Office that is central in matters of student welfare. The Dean of Students Office is the liaison Office between the University administration and the entire student body. This is the Office that will take care of your accommodation needs, guidance and counselling, games and sports, chaplaincy, career services, mentorship and your general welfare. The Dean of Students Office is available and ready to respond to any issues concerning your welfare in and outside of the University. In addition, we have a Students’ Governing Council (SGC) which is the legal organ elected to represent the welfare of all students. Through coordination with the Dean of Students Office, the SGC is the mouthpiece of all students. I encourage you to reach out and work closely with them in case you have any grievances or face any challenges. We believe that when we work together, we can solve any problems related to students for better University life.



A Student-centered University

Karatina University is a student-centred institution where everything we do is to ensure that you succeed. Since the COVID-19 pandemic presented a big challenge in the physical delivery of lectures, we have put in place an effective e-learning programme which allows you to learn from any place and at any time. The University has employed the blended approach to teaching and learning across all Schools. You are, therefore, encouraged you to appropriately equip yourselves so that you can effectively take part in these sessions. In case you face any challenges or have any inquiries, you should contact your Heads of Departments and/or the various Deans of Schools. Officers in the Office of Registrar (Academic Affairs) are also available to provide help. The University also has a fully-equipped Library adequately stocked with up-to-date learning materials, laboratories and workshops to facilitate your learning.

Be Responsible

As you join KarU, I remind you that being at the University is being in a free environment. However, this freedom comes with responsibility. It is, therefore, left to you to decide how to organize your time by maintaining the right balance between academics and your social life putting in mind that academics, above everything else, is the primary reason for being here. I appeal to you all to keep this in mind. You are also expected to conform to the University culture where we pride ourselves of producing well-rounded graduates who positively impact society. We will work together as a community to ensure that you have a productive stay and achieve your academic dreams. Your cooperation will be very important to help us achieve this.

Be focused

I also urge you to be focused and avoid distractions that may derail you. We have students who sat where you sit today but were not able to graduate because they lost focus on the primary reason that brought them to the University. Some of the distractions could be in the form of unhealthy relationships, drug and substance abuse, unplanned pregnancies, procrastination, negative peer pressure, and missing classes among others. We also cannot fail to mention HIV/AIDs and COVID-19 which are still in our midst. Now that you are in a free environment, do not be tempted to compensate for the time you were under ‘lockdown’ to engage in irresponsible sexual behaviour. Take care of yourselves and avoid behaviour that may compromise your safety.

Mental Health

Let me bring to your attention the importance of being in good mental health, especially during such times. We are just coming out of hotly contested general elections. Some of us may be grappling to come to terms with the fact that our preferred candidates were not elected. Some of us may be facing different challenges from personal or family struggles. We have made guidance and counselling services available, through the Dean of Students Office, which has a team of qualified staff dedicated to walking with you during difficult times. We encourage you to be open and seek help whenever you face challenges. Do not keep quiet or keep to yourself.




I want to wish you a happy and fulfilling stay at KarU. I look forward to seeing all of you graduate at the end of your studies.  With these remarks, I take this opportunity, once again, to heartily welcome you to Karatina University. Thank you and God bless you all.

Prof. Mucai Muchiri

Vice Chancellor

Karatina University

P.O Box 1957-10101

Karatina, Kenya